Please keep in mind that there are some orders which we are unable to accept and these orders will be cancelled by us. We reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason. There are many unforeseen circumstances that come in the way of order like limitation on quantity available for shopping and missed or wrong info of the product. In case your order is cancelled for some reasons after credit has been charged we will credit the money to your account in our business days (within 4-5 days).

Cancelation by the Customer: Before Dispatch
If we receive the cancelation notice before the ordered product is dispatched, we will cancel your order and return your money in our business days (within 4-5 days)
Cancelation by the Customer: After Dispatch
If we get the cancelation notice after the ordered product is dispatched that will include the cancelation charges. It is of 5% of the total order value and the shipping cost.
We expect that you can understand the cancelation rules.
For any further queries, feel free to mail us to